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Subrayado Camping Bravoplaya


Activities and sports entertainment, classified by age, and for the whole family! The word boredom doesn’t exist in Bravoplaya 😉

Animation Camping Bravoplaya

THE CHILDREN, our biggest treasure :),

The Camping has a big children’s park with MINI CLUB and PEQUECLUB, where they can do different activities with instructors, such as crafts, face painting, also daily traditional games for the whole family, popular games like sack races, the big limbo, dance and children’s theater and a music workshop at the “ LA CARPA” stage and sports events at the AGORESPACE.

OH! AND THE BOUNCING CASTLES! They always cause enthusiasm among the children.


The first hours of the night belong to the children in the MINI DISCO, where they are the kings of the dance floor together with their instructors and many times BRAVITO AND MANSITA come to dance with them, there are organized children’s parties, batucadas (drums), competitions, talent shows, etc. AND THE FOAM PARTY for the little ones and their parents. Every Thursday in July and August, in the afternoon on the Disco dance floor.


is the most special event at the Camping , it is celebrated every Wednesday in the summer and on Easter Saturday. It starts in the afternoon with the two mascots parading through the streets of the Camping, accompanied by a brass band and it finishes at the BULLRING where the show takes place, without any violence and with the greatest respect for the animals. After the show there is a photo shooting with Bravito and Mansita where the whole family can have their picture taken.

The rest of the week the bullring turns into an amphitheater and offers magic, dance and humor shows for the whole family.


We pay our attention almost exclusively to our pensioners, who in addition to having numerous guided sports activities such as aquagym, yoga, zumba gold, salsa, etc. can also enjoy live music and dinner dances at the Camping’s restaurants and welcome parties and other special events at the restaurants and the Disco, for instance the Oktoberfest, Halloween, New Year’s Eve and Carnival, football evenings, where matches can be seen on a giant screen and organized excursions; Valencia in Fallas, Montserrat, Teruel and Albarracín, Villafamés, and many more.

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