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Subrayado Camping Bravoplaya

Camping Bravoplaya is located in a privileged environment, between sea and mountains and practically surrounded by nature parks.
Located in first line on a tranquil beach with clear and clean water of little depth, 3 km south we find the touristic village of Oropesa del Mar and 10km from Benisassim; towards the north we encounter Torre de la Sal, a small fisher village and a little bit further the Prat de Cabanes, a protected nature park; to the east, across the Mediterranean sea there is the little island group “Las Columbretes, and to the west a more mountainous landscape such as the “Desierto de las Palmas” in Benisassim.

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1km south of the campsite, you can find the beaches and bays of Oropesa, the PLAYA DE LES AMPLARIES and the favorite PLAYA DE MORRO DE GOS and PLAYA DE LA CONCHA.

Sites of Cultural Interest

Cabanes, 10 km inland; very important its Roman Arch, a triumphal arch of the second century AD.C.
Its historic center has the charm of a small village of just over 3,000 inhabitants with houses that preserve old elements of the medieval past.

Nature parks

The municipality of Cabanes is one of the most powerful natural environments in the Valencian Community.

Nestled between the Nature Parks of “Prat Cabanes-Torreblanca” and the “Desierto de Las Palmas”, the visitor finds many unique spaces for hiking or cycling. The island group and Nature Reserve “Islas Columbretes” is also a unique and especially fragile ecosystem.


In Benicasim, 13 km south of Oropesa del Mar and with access from the same general road we find places of leisure of special interest